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The human factor: Can employees learn not to make mistakes?
Can employees learn not to make cyber security mistakes?

We’ve long maintained that technical means are not enough to protect a business from cyber threats. It’s possible for a single person to negate the effect of an entire information cyber security team. In many cases, it may be unintentional, the result of lacking basic cyber security knowledge, being unaware of threats, or diverted attention. There, however, complications may arise. The person who decides staff awareness needs to be raised is not...

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Top 3 Myths of Security Awareness Training

Security Mentor has been at this a while - teaching, educating and training companies worldwide about how to work smart and securely – and in the process, transforming employee attitudes towards security. Across a wide range of industries and unique business needs, these organizations are achieving tangible results boosting the security of their workforce. The result: engaged employees that value security. So call us surprised when we continue to run into companies...

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