Social Engineering Attack Enabled Hackers to Penetrate Twitter’s Administrative Systems and Hijack High-Profile Accounts

In one of the most extraordinary and high-profile cyberattacks ever made public, hackers on July 15 compromised Twitter’s administrative systems and hijacked the social media accounts of prominent politicians and business leaders. The attackers then used those accounts to masquerade ... »

Twitter Sets the Standard for Bug Reporting

Last Thursday (May 3rd) Twitter announced “[they] recently found a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log. [They] fixed the bug and have no indication of a breach or misuse by anyone. As a precaution, consider changing your ... »

Hundreds of High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked

According to The Hacker News, in a large-scale Twitter hack, thousands of Twitter accounts from media outlets to celebrities, including the European Parliament, Forbes, UNICEF, Nike Spain and numerous other individuals and organizations, were compromised early Wednesday. The compromised Twitter ... »

A massive cyber attack caused major websites to go down across the internet

Internet users around the world, but mostly in the US, reported that some top websites were not loading on Friday morning. The affected sites included Amazon, Twitter, Etsy, Github, and Spotify. The issue appeared to have something to do with ... »

Twitter Wasn’t Hacked, People Just Love Reusing Passwords

Last week there were many reports that Twitter had been hacked and that a user database of 32 million, was listed on the dark web. Twitter claims that this is not the case. Twitter’s Information Security Officer, Michael Coates, posted ... »