This Week in Breaches: Trump Hotels, Again?

According to Security Guru Brian Krebs, Donald Trump’s series of luxury properties – the Trump Hotel Collection is the subject of another credit card system breach (Anonymous anyone??).   Earlier this year we reported about a series of hotel breaches, including Trump Hotels. If this incident is confirmed, it would be the second breach to Trump properties in less than a year.

Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump has made an announcement stating “like virtually every other company these days we have been alerted to potential suspicious credit card activity and are in the midst of a thorough investigation on this matter. We are committed to safeguarding all guests’ personal information and will continue to do so vigilantly.”

While the Trump Hotel Collection has more than a dozen international properties, this particular breach seems to centralized in three locations, Trump International Hotel New York, Trump Hotel Waikiki in Honolulu, and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto.

[i] Image of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto

The hospitality industry has taken a real beating when it comes to credit card breaches over the last few years. In many of these incidents, the data theft occurred in hotel restaurants and gift shops, places where POS systems are not consistently monitored. Here are some key recommendations from our team of experts for ensuring your POS systems are secure and safe:

  • Keeping POS software up to date and performing vulnerability testing
  • Restrict internet access from POS systems and terminals
  • Monitor POS systems and all data activity
  • Use secure (and consistently updating) passwords and 2-factor authentication
  • End-to-end encryption for all POS data
  • Install firewalls and run anti-malware software
  • Don’t forget about physical security – train employees to be on the lookout for tampering attempts!

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[i] Image retrieved from The Montreal Gazette: