About Utility and Energy Security Exchange

Secure Sense is very excited to announce a new program called the Utility and Energy Security Exchange Forum (UESX).The UESX will provide tools and resources to help address cyber security challenges that organizations in the Utilities/Energy industry face daily. With the support of Secure Sense experts and our technology partners, we are creating a collaborative environment to provide insight and guidance surrounding the most critical of cyber security concerns affecting this industry.

The UESX offers organizations:

  • Access to exclusive content regarding industry relevant trends and topics, real world case studies, and more
  • Live presentations and demos, panel discussions, and white papers
  • Collaboration and networking with industry experts
  • Ongoing support from Secure Sense technology experts

Below you will find access to our exclusive resource library and a contact form for any questions you may have and any topic suggestions that you would like to see in future events, white papers, or blogs.

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