Week 4: Pop Quiz Answers

Happy Monday and thank you to all that participated throughout October’s Cyber Security Awareness Month! We hope you had fun and learned a thing or two about the importance of cybersecurity. As always, continue reading for the pop quiz answers below!

We have entered all participants (with correct answers!) in the draw and your name has been entered each time you answered a question correctly.

Below are the pop quiz answers to each question:

1.Which of the following is not a cybersecurity best practice?
Answer: C, Using public WIFI

2. You receive a suspect email from an unknown source urging you to click a link and enter your login credentials. What should you do?
Answer: C, Report it

3. Your password contains your pet’s name, the last two digits of your birth year, and an exclamation mark. Is this a strong password?
Answer: False

4. What is the best way to remember all of your passwords?
Answer: A, Use a password manager

5. Why is it important for everyone to have cybersecurity training at least once a year?
Answer: D, All the above

And the winner is? Kevin Graham! Please keep an eye on your direct messages on LinkedIn as we will reach out to you regarding your prize!

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